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Thursday, October 19, 2017

SAP PI installation testing or validation


Checking the AEX Configuration

To check whether the configuration was successful, perform the following steps:

    Check the user names and roles:

        Go to the Application Server Java start page at: http://:/startPage .

        Choose User Management .

        Search for the user names that you specified in the configuration wizard.

        Choose Roles and check whether the UME roles were assigned.

        Appropriate roles must be assigned to all users.

        More information: SAP Note 1435392 Information published on SAP site

    Check the SLD configuration:

        Enter https://:/sld .

        Choose Technical Systems .

        Select Technical System Types: Process Integration . Check the existence of the following five entities:

            Adapter Engine on


            Integration Directory on

            Integration Repository on

            Integration Server on

        Check the registration of a business system for the Integration Engine Java in the SLD:

            Enter https://:/sld .

            Choose Start of the navigation path Business System Next navigation step Integration Engine Java Next navigation step Integration End of the navigation path.

            The pipeline URL must be: http://:/XISOAPAdapter/MessageServlet?ximessage=true .

        More information: SAP Note 1435392 Information published on SAP site

    Check the Java system properties:

        In the SAP NetWeaver Administrator, choose Start of the navigation path Configuration Next navigation step Infrastructure Next navigation step Java System Properties End of the navigation path.

        Choose Services and check XPI Service: AII Config Service .

        The property should have the value AEX .

        Also check that the * properties contain the correct user names.

    Check the content import:

        Go to the PI start page: https://:/dir/start/index.jsp .

        Start the Enterprise Services Repository (ESR) and log on as PISUPER .

        Check whether the import of the SAP Basis content of your release was successful.

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