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Friday, June 2, 2017

SAP HCI, Now start learning


(free videos are available , SAP HCI basics with excellent lectures with good English usage.)

just register in with your mail id and enroll for free course.
(follow the instructions, you can also get free open sap certification also.

if you have one the application system as cloud, the changes of using SAP HCI is more in your projects.

the hci cloud interface UI looks simple.

as similar to ICO , we have integration process or iflow
( this is only first page to access entire scenario, No ESR component as similar to PI/PO)

1. Check if any exiting iflow, that matches to your requirement, copy, save as new name, modify as per your requirement. SAP HCI has provided many iflow( predefined content for various application integtation)

As similar to using sap basis patterns in our swcv;

2. create package, and iflow/ integration ( if you are good at ccBPM, BPM ) it looks similar way. but even communication channels are configured here, every thing, you can navigation from iflow itself.

3. I need to explore on mapping, it looks only simple one to one mapping we can easily do it. and small logic can put here by using existing standard functions as similar to sap pi.
( i will provide more information on this) looks iflow is similar to Tibco and sterling integration view. ( the way iflow looks, start,end, variables(element, payload),  transformation, extra. )

5. once iflow is ready, deploy and go for monitor sections. monitor iflow status, and message monitoring.

Note: in settings options, we provide all certificate ( keystorage extra)

I like this look and feel of HCI, but need to check usage of this in projects to handle all challenges we have seen SAP PI.

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