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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Groovy syntax step by step with examples for my reference


Comparing java syntac and groovy syntax together , both works here;

IndexOf, [],  double dot notation


concat and split toList


string output format

Reading input from console

accessing values in list.

List in List and reading.

Add remove isEmpty of List

List reverse, sort, pop

Working with map and list and compare

map size

working with ranges

conditional operators

conditional with ternary ?

using switch and break 

while and break

for loop ( ranges, list, map)

for loop for map

Groovy class and static method

parameters to method and calling in main method

Pass by value

Passing list to method

closure notation in groovy 

recursion method.

assigning value to variable using ternary condition.

closure nation for map iternation

closure : each, find, findAll, any, every, collect

Groovy files ( reading lines, add line, remove and modify lines of the file)
create a file and remove file

directory and file properties display.

Groovy Object oriented programming basics
1. Create calls animal
2. create another class dog which extends animal
3. create objects pass parameters
( also learn this. and super() method usage )

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