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Monday, May 29, 2017

simplifying SAP PI support project work as support person


1.Download all meta data
Prepare word document ( not image), it should be searchable by OS.
we60(idocs and zfileds) and babi( if it is standard bapi),custom rfc also.
proxy (sproxy), input and output fields. And RFC (jco) in sap pi mapping.

2. Download the all production messages 
save as excel sheet.
( this information is useful, frequencly of message flow in sap pi)

3. copy source of message mapping logic ( once notepad format is done)
(offline: helps quick search)

4. List of communication channels ( its’ further information)
Ex: JMS channel and manager name;
soap url, jdbc connection, file directory..

5. Business systems(list) and ico list. ( prepare own excel sheet)

6. EOIO messages in production (list)

7. condition editor and interface determination condition editors

8. Multi mapping mappings:

9. Important UDF logic.

10. Frequently used messages source and target sample payloads

11. all errors preparation document and solution

12. Transport process ( development, quality, production) until go live;

13. all systems owners connected to SAP PI to communicate with them.

all WSDL, XSD( provided by 3rd party), IDOC , BAPI, stored procedure or INSERT,UPDATE,DELETE operation strucutres.

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