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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Holding messages after system error message?

I have identified on system error message due to data error, it is Eoio message, later one more message found in holding state   , which was not found in message monitoring over view.
Now, it has been in hold state for couple of hours,
Now resend or reset sequence?
And: resend works.
Then , when do we use reset sequence? ( use of reset sequence)

1. if you see many holding messages, ( and it is eoio messages)
2. if you identify , no error with payload data.( first oldest message)
3. if it causes more holding messages for similar message type,
4. if resend button not works.

what happends: first message will be canceled and remaining messages will be resend automatically.
( so,  better to download that payload, we can resend this from sap pi , from application systems again)

Action: 1) filter all holding messages with this message type
2) find the howmany server nodes are there for this.
 ex: if you identify if this messages is run on 3 server nodes.
based on timestamp, find the oldest message, and click on reset sequence button in message monitoring.
( if you identify , messages status are delivered in zig zag fashion/ non sequencial manner)
( you need to idetify old message on next server node,( based on time and date info, you can find))
and again reset sequence button, you will be see few more messages will be in delivered status.
( similar do it for 3rd).

This information might be very very helpful, people face any situvation with holding messages in sap pi support work.

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