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Friday, April 28, 2017

Dealing with holding message in SAP PI: ( EOIO case)


why do see holding messages in SAP PI?

check if these are with EOIO messages
( how:  ico-> receiver interfaces - operation mapping ( EOIO enabled or not for message splitting, multi mapping)

How to monitor holding messages in SAP PI?

1. first if any error messages or not
2. monitor holding messages for yesterday, last week. last month;
( but not from, just now to last....), having holding messages at present might be there.

How to clear the holding holding message.
(if you identify any holding message in this week)
now put filter for last year or more
( find the messages related to this holding messages) -> filter
select option last ( old hold message ) -> apply restart sequence ( if cancel is not worked)

( this will create , sequence again, to skip old message to start eoio message again).
thus we can clear the holding messagesa are due to EOIO messages in SAP PI single stack.

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