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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

SAP PI mapping exception UDF rfc call :java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException while trying to load from index of an object array with length loaded from the parameter nr


some times, your user defined function throws exception due to invalid entries, the number of entries for each paramter are not same, ( missing some data from source)

As shown below example

Message monitoring audit log error:
( selecting message mapping name: finding exact reason as shown below.)

see the stream transformatino exception.
Hint: whenever you see failed message, also get one sucess message 
( first compare the payloads in editor)
you will get some idea. based on this error.

failed message mapping , UDF does not show display queue , so i tried to open display queues for infort of this UDF


case 2 ( observe the java code for this UDF)

Reason for failing , here only java throws error for us , comparing both array at same index.
(but that many number of index items are not found in another queue )

7th parameter input values ( 6 number), 6th parameter inputs ( 7 number)

7th paramter input values are to be 7, but 6 here

Let us observe the success payload input paramters.

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