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Thursday, March 23, 2017

My colleague requirement in mapping fix


On of my previous colleague, is trying to create dynamically target nodes based on sender input in AUDF in SAP PI graphical mapping.

1. His mistake,
He hard coded and trying to add values to result Set in AUDF. but it works only for 1 test data.

My fix
2. removed that java hard code logic,
in the same udf
I entered new input parameter to UDF, "on which parameter based, he would like to get entries in target side".
based on that , with out disturbing the logic, at the end.
put for loop 


Thus , it worked for him, 
( to under his requirement , it took nearly 30-60min, )
Total 2 hours 

Most of the time, it took for me understand logic, his requirement,
I thought, his logic was correction, trying to fix.
later identify, that hard code does not work
tried to replace the correct logic.

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