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Thursday, February 2, 2017

SAP to WareHouse system test data replication


Identifying right customer for target in SAP Quality system and retrigger idoc again, to check modified mapping properly working, desired resuts in warehouse label.

SAP(delivery idoc) -> SAP PI -> Warehouse ( info used in label)

issue: expecting labe name name, which was mentioned in customer name2 option, but it is not displaying properly as expected.

Reason for this error: streen2 is mapped to warehouse target filed( map for) , which was supposed to be mapped from NAME2

Reason for this blog: the way I have identified the test data in Quality system , where customer has name2 value exists and checking if any idoc exists already in we02 or not ( that specific warehouse)

Retriggering the same idoc in we19 and checking status in warehouse lable in quality system.

capturing both SAP screen shots( customer master datail, where name2 is highlighted) and also warehouse labe name is same or not ,
(which is used in my test results document to make understand to move my change to production, who are not technically good )


(sap customer data name2 highlighted<----> warehouse lable name2 display )

idoc details in SAP PI, ( Identify the segment and filed name, initially it was mapped from Street2)

Now check the customer, where customer with name2 option exits

My intention is name2 should not be empty

Found some records

with out this condition, found some records, with name2 does not contain some values

Customer master data KNA1  in se16 tcode

finding similar idoc in q,( with same idoc extension, target port is PI quality),target partner  (PRDB in my case), segment name for last 3 
months in we02; List of idoc search; 

Search for my required records Ex: JM, partner has Name2 values.
and checking idoc number if exits

Retrigged the same idoc in we19, replicated the testdata in SAP PI, asked to WM to verify lable for this delivery ,( seen expected target xml file, where this filed has name2 option)

Also capture the screens shots in XD03(Customer master data) and warehouse lable,

The reason for entire test is, to move the transport from quality to production for layman understanding format, application point of view.

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