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Friday, January 20, 2017

TDLINE field Not populated with entire value in SAP which is from 3rd party system


I was asked in one of the project saying, need to validate SAP PI mapping, to find out if any restriction in sap pi mapping.

they are supposed to see more than 70 (text length) , which is passed from 3rd system.

They have provided sample payload and soap url information.

By using that , I have identified communicaiton channel name , respective service interface, again right mapping name in ESR.

I have found , it was direct mapping.

With out opening the sap pi system,
1) first we can verify the field properly in sap.
we60 ( idoc segment name, basis type name)
2) some times if we do not access we can also check from online

In my case it was

google search site: Facet Value

Experiance with TDLINE:

Because sap of not supporting large value in SAP ECC, side, some times, we (sap pi consultants), supposed to split the less than 70 , ( either based on qualifier : map , else map to custom field of idoc)

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