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Monday, January 9, 2017

SAP PI monitoring based on business terminology for support projects


Message monitoring.
Based on business terminology 

( most of service interface in SAP PI are named with technical names, also interface number , receiver usage)

First download excel file from monitoring to understand frequency of interface used for last couple of months.

Save this in your local computer, as excel format.
(Understand keyword used here, interface name, number and extract, frequency of interface used, message count also

This helps, the message flow on sap pi correctly)

Sometimes, you manager may ask you to check if specific technical name, Ex: recon. Interface has any error or not.

Now use this excel sheet, check where this keyword is used.

Now use the same service interface, in message monitoring filter search.

(your previous saved excel sheet from message monitoring for last couple of months)
( search to find the interface information based on keyword)

use the service interface information to search in message monitoring filter criteria

check all pimon, message monitoring.

( find inbound and outbound idoc list)

copy, basis message type and enhacment type(start with z)

in SAP ECC( we60, get the documentation _http view, copy the content in word document)

This document will help you to understand business terminology.

While replying mails to customer, we can use business terminology, ( strucuture name: business terminology) filed name usage, 

if you do not have access,
( copy idoc xsd and save file as xml format, view file in excel sheet, )
same thing, for 3rd party system strucutures, view in excel sheet.

In mapping you will see the field error, 
(add additional information from these files, to understand better in email communication )

if possible, copy the message mapping source code, to understand target filed and relation with source fileds.

By seeing payload of source message and mapping sheet, we can check reason for failure of not getting value

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