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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

SAP PO upgrade valiation: communication channel opening error adapter engine not found


In recent PI service patch upgrade project,

SAP pi validation, found error while opening communication channel in id.

Adapter engine not found.

error and solution as follows

Open, sld ,integration directory, check associated application system is assigned not .


SFTP, PGP, REST functionalityes after upgrade of SAP PI 731 SP07 to SP04

1. validating SFTP swcv in esr
2.validating SFTP adapter in ID adapter list.

2. validating REST adapter in SAP BASIS 7.4  SWCV  in systems namespace.
a) checking that in adapter list.

About PGP.
( checking PGP version in sysinfo and checking java services in NWS)

i) double click on swcv of sftp and check version and sp details as follows

Check the information in sysinfo, compnent view. (using Keyword PGP SFTP)

Checking the adapter( if it is standard ) in sap basis 7.4 system namespace as shown in below.

check adapters(pop up), which creating communication channel and choosing adapter list.

checking the version and service pack info in sysinfo for all components of sap pi . 
( exported as sheet and comparing) also for pgp,sftp details

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