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Monday, January 16, 2017

analysis of multiple xml files content as single file


some times, certain messages are failed in SAP PI message monitoring, we need to download and open those and analyze the data.

some times , it is difficult to navigate multiple xml file, where xml file sizes are huge.

In this can case, I used this approach.

1. download all xml files.

2. merge all xml files using dos command.
copy file1+file2+.....  TargetFile

3. Remove the addition xml initial tag.

4. add some dummp root tag, start and end

As per xml standards, any xml file should start single root node and end with single root node.

My example:

1. each failed messages has certain failed idoc and its child content.
2. we need to identify certain mandatory filed in specific idoc is missed.
(this causes entire messages is to be failed)

3. same thing with other failed messages in SAP PI.

after clubbing, remove < ? xml ...> additional root tages.

and add root tag begining and at the end.

book mark, idoc number --->
bookmark missed segments -->
( this trick helps ), idoc number, which has missed data.


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