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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Searching idoc's particular segment values for all idoc's by giving input idoc numbers (table view of ECC custom tcode)


Production system has limited access( considering this in ECC)

In my support project,(HBI),  I have been working on various search operation on IDOC in SAP ECC and SAP PI.

Problem: For all failed message's in sap pi, I need to identify corresponding idoc numbers.

Case 1: In one of the integration scenarios, Idoc packing has been used, each idoc with different delivery number, idoc packing in sap pi, bundles more than 50 Messages and treating as single message. sometimes one of the idoc is missed with packing item details,( which is e1edl24 segment), due to this message has been failed in sap pi, which is mandatory segment in sap pi to map target message, but it is not a mandatory in SAP ECC,( It would have been failed in SAP ECC, if it is mandatory). if search the same idoc number in ecc for this segment ( we09, we02) we would not see any values(empty row) for this.

My job: I need to identify only missed segments of idoc, ( only incorrect delivery numbers of idoc). 
My solution: by download in the message and opening in notepad++ and it's break point , I was able to find incorrect idoc numbers.

Other good solution: by downloading that message, find all list of idoc numbers;(notepad++ trick)

Now open SAP ECC, zse16, enter table EDID4( based on sap ecc version choose right one), give the above list of idoc, search

(you will get another list with idoc number, for which segments are available with duplicates)

copy this list(idoc numbers) in excel, use remove duplicate option in excel to remove duplicates. now compare this list with notepad++, with previous list of idocs , which has been captured from SAP PI, you will find addition idoc number(SAP PI), then treat these are missed idoc numbers with segments.

Without checking in SAP PI also , we can check 
Find the list of idoc are transmitted for that day, by putting idoc filter option
in we02, download the list and copy idoc numbers.

Now use this list of idoc number, in table (IDOC data records, by giving this idoc number list in EDID4 by putting segment name)
it will give another list, use this list (idoc number) compare with again with previous idoc number,
if any additional idoc's found, this means which does not that segment in those idoc's.

This trick will save more time in support project, where you have limited access on production systems.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Receiver Determination in operation mapping and mapping logic in sap pi


Error message : message monitoring

Transmitting the message to endpoint {2} using connection IDoc_AAE_ failed, due to: Error while executing receiver determination mapping.

Receiver tab: used Extended option

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Which is good option, with String variable or String New object for creating string operations


String handling variable and new object declaration,

first option 1) efficient  , it does not create duplicate in memory.

Below image describes about two options

1) option 1
2) option 2

Friday, July 22, 2016

SAP PI BRM BPM reference content


(Create BRM in sap pi(nwds and built->development component, rules composer, create/import xsd for decision table, built it, expose that as wsdl , test wsnavigator)

2) Use this BRM, iflow ( calling in UDF , message mapping, create soap receiver commnucation channel by help of above soap wsdl)

3)Use this BRM in BPM, by doing simple additional settings (NWA)

Reference Links:
1  2

Thursday, July 21, 2016

correlation of sap document numbers and related idoc numbres in support projects


As support person ( both ABAP and SAP PI), I was asked to find out related idoc posted to warehouse systems.

I simply received Order number,
Actually this is Order 2 Cash cycle.

Purchase Order ->Find the sales order ( custom report),
Based on Sales Order, find the outbound devilry number (VA03N) relation table is (using LIPS table)

Again, based on delivery number find the idoc numbers with two tables jointly
Why do we need this procedure,?
In production, we do not have se38 access,  Only table data access through custom tcode

 Learning in this blog.
1. find related Idoc numbers based sap document ( order, delivery....)
2. How to view specific output fields from table output view ( filtering color ).
3. How to download report /table output as file in excel , for further analysis in your local machine.
( All these steps are explained step by step)


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

copy paste option remote to local system very useful for quick analysis for slow remote sytems


I came across to use remote system to work on client work, which has limited application installed, 
Internet full access restriction.
Admin request is necessay to install application ( utility application ) in remote systems.

copy and paste option helped me alot in my work

1. For quick excel analysis
2. NotePad++ analysis

One day, this options was not worked, I felt very difficult in my work,

solution for to work copy and paste option in remote machines.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

SAP PI SSL certificate authentication



option Base-64 encoded X.509 (.CER) 

Certificate type: PKCS12

download keypair certificate from 3rd party;
Import in SAP PI nwa , keystore;
Use in Receiver communication channel. 

Monday, July 11, 2016

Few tips in File 2 JDBC scenario and quick search options


1. Use cut child node (deep structure) option in DT->ESR, place where ever you need. also take notepad++ help for quick defining structure. 

2. Receiver Database Structure: Additional root node causes error in connection database with action parameter.

3. Some times File sender, Could not locate the file( UNIX server location), it is not maually possible to change file properties in window systems, change file properties in unix system.

4. Use blow search in option for quick search objects in ID

5. I was not able to import  database table structure from external definition option of ESR, but was able to connect database table in scenario. Need get more information from scn to find the reason.?

SAP ( File by report, replace same logic in report, by calling sender proxy objects, this helps to avoid FCC at sender channel ).

Thursday, July 7, 2016

http client for single stack

http client for aae 

(enable pop up to enter username and password)

1.fully qualified name of host ( without http)
2. http port ( not https port); we have two ports , http,https
3. payload without xml tag,( same as test option in proxy test in ecc)

Sample test tool online free to test http with get and post methods

Sample free http service.

Test the same service with free testing tool as shown below.

How to generate HTTP url for sender channel.