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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

XML Tools and compare plugins for notepad plus for quick search and validation


find more information about xml tools and compare plugin in this vedio

Monday, March 28, 2016

SAP User exits search and edit


SAP MM and SD important t-code and tables

SAP MM-SD flow

Materials Management:
The Materials Management (MM) module is a part of logistics and it helps in managing end to end procurements and logistics business process, It is fully integrated with the other modules (SD, FI, CO, PM, QM, MW) of the SAP System.MM module contains many phases of materials management such as materials planning and control, purchasing, goods receiving, inventory, invoice verification module
Transaction Codes:
·         Purchase Requisition – ME51N
·         Request for Quotation – ME41
·         Vendor Evaluation – ME61
·         Purchase Order – ME21N
·         Goods Receipt – MIGO
·         Invoice Verification – MIRO
·         Goods Issue -MB1A
·         Physical Inventory – MI01
Commonly used SAP SD tables:
MARA – General Material Data
MARC – Plant Data for Material
MARD – Storage Location Data for Material
MAKT – Material Descriptions
MVKE – Sales Data for materials
MSEG – Document Segment- Material
MBEW – Material Valuation
MKPF – Header- Material Document
EKKO – Purchasing Document Header
EKPO – Purchasing Document Item
EBAN – Purchase Requisition

EINA – Purchasing Info Record- General Data
EINE – Purchasing Info Record-
              Purchasing Organization Data
MAKT – Material Descriptions
LFA1 – Vendor Master (General section)
LFB1 – Vendor Master (Company Code)
T023 – Mat. groups
T024 – Purchasing Groups
T156 – Movement Type
·         Purchase Requisition: First the customer prepares the purchase requisition with required goods.
·         Request for Quotation: As a customer we need to send RFQ to different vendors.
·         Vendor Evaluation:  Once we receive the quotations from different vendors as a customer we analysis all the quotations and finally we select one vendor.
·         Purchase Order:  After vendor evaluation as a customer we need to raise the purchase order.
·         Goods Receipt: Here we receive the goods with goods receipt as a customer we need to analysis the goods receipt.
·         Invoice Verification: Once we receive the goods and bills from the vendor as a customer we need to verify all the good, if there is any problem in the goods then the customer informs to vendor.
·         Finance:  Once we receive the goods with billing customer finance guy will interact with the vendor finance guy for finance settlements.

Sales and Distribution:

Sales and distribution module is a part of logistics and it handles all the process of order to delivery, it is fully integrated with the other modules of the SAP System such as MM and PP.
SD contains many phases such as Inquiry, Quotation, Sales Order, Sales Returns, Credit Management, pricing, tax determination, and Goods Delivery modules.
Transaction Codes:
·         Inquiry – VA11
·         Quotation – VA21
·         Sales Order – VA01
·         Goods Delivery – VL01N
·         Billing – VF01
Commonly used SAP SD tables:
Sales Documents:
VBAK – Sales Document: Header Data
VBAP -Sales Document: Item Data
VBUP – Item Status
VBUK – Header Status and Administrative Data
VBFA – Sales Document Flow
Delivery Tables:
LIKP – SD Document: Delivery Header Data
LIPS – SD document: Delivery: Item data
Customer Tables:
KNA1 – General Data in Customer Master
KNB1 – Customer Master (Company Code)
KNB5 – Customer master (dunning data)
KNBK – Customer Master (Bank Details)
KNVV – Sales area data
Pricing Tables:
KONV – Conditions (Transaction Data)
KONH – Conditions (Header)
KONP – Conditions (Item)
Billing Tables:
VBRK – Billing Document: Header Data
VBRP – Billing Document: Item Data

Shipping Tables:
VEKP -Handling Unit – Header Table
VEPO – Packing: Handling Unit Item (Contents)
Vendor Tables:
LFA1-Vendor Master (General Section)
LFB1-Vendor Master (Company Code)
LFB5-Vendor master (dunning data)
LFBK -Vendor Master (Bank Details)

·         Inquiry: Once we receive the quotation from the customer then as a vendor we need to check whether we can deliver the goods with customer conditions or not.
·         Quotation: Once we finish the inquiry then as a vendor we need to send quotation to the particular customer.
·         Sales Order: Once we receive the purchase order from customer then as a vendor we need to raise the sales order, while raising sales order we should know the partner functions.
·         Sold-To-Party – who as raised the purchase order.
·         Ship-To-Party – where we need to deliver the goods.
·         Bill-to-party – to whom we have to give the bill.
·         Payer – who is going to pay the money?
·         Goods Delivery: After raising the sales order as a vendor we need to deliver the goods.
·         Billing: While delivering the goods we need to send the billing document.
·         Finance: Once we deliver the goods with billing vendor finance guy will interact with the customer finance guy for finance settlements.

O2C: Order to cash cycle

Procure to pay cycle

Saturday, March 26, 2016

WE02 /WE09 Searching/edit Idoc specific segment values one more fields for Multiple IDoc Range

Yes, You can search multiple Idocs at a time, to search multiple idocs, specific segment

By using this                                


 search and edit options,(edit option also there, based on your role, this helps to resend by changing value of field , ex: remove unsupported special chars, which occurs rarely),
                 its idocs status will be changed. again you need to chage idocs status by BD84 to get success status.


search is helpful, for multiple idocs range, as similar to we02, but not edit option.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

SAP PI outbound idoc ( to SAP ECC) and SAP ECC idoc (inbound ) correlation


Take the message id from SAP PI

1. Modify required format and search in IDOC control field (like arckey)

2. and also you can see time similar except ( milli sec ) 
Like this you can correlation idocs from SAP PI to SAP ECC

Searching IDoc Segmets values in we02 for multiple idocs at a time, for mulitple occurence of segments in single idoc also


we02 segment values search for multiple idocs in given range