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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Unable to launch ESR or ID gui or jnlp file after upgrade to higher version , saying internal error


Recently I have faced below problem with ESR,ID launch 

Recently My system was formatted,  To open sap pi components(ESR,ID), I have updated host file information,
There was problem to launch ESR and ID gui in my system, saying internal error.( I have verified, right java version)

I have identified the problem is with the host file,
Initially, our office sap pi server configured as xxxpi73 , later it is modified , So after maintaining these two host names for the same ip, I am able to open esr and id gui in my system.

Case 2)

Other reason , firewall settings, speak with network team on this.

Friday, November 13, 2015

SAP Procure to pay transactions, SAP MM transactions overview for my Reference

 SAP Project creation, Maintain WBS , cost planning, Approval Project, WBS budget, Network Order, Schedule Network, Release Project, Run Project MRP, Create PO, Approval PO, Service PO, POST GR, Create Service entry sheet, Invoice, Project progress, Full settlement, Create Project Claim

Tcodes: CJ20N, CJ30, CJ21, CJ20N, ME21N, MD51, MIGO, CN25,MIRO, CNE1,


ME51,ME41, ME21N, MIGO, FB60

Account Assignment Category

Goods receipt Movement type 101, reversal 102( posting) 
Return to vendor(122), reversal 123

SD flow(Vendor) who Sells goods <----------------->MM flow(customer, who needs material and will pay)

WBS element in SAP