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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

alert mail message content as file content from Alert Engine directly from SAP PI system


Catch ( SAP PI default alert queue message for alerts from JMS sender channel)

JMS --> FILE/JMS/or any required adapter( alert as payload)

( use some dummy service interface names and no mapping ), configure the receiver channel 


Earlier we achieved the same with Mail-> file/jms

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

File type as Text , Encoding(code page) :standard character sets in file communication channel SAP PI


Base64 encoding and decoding

understanding utf-8 , binary code, charecter
with the below image

SAP PI file type code page (encoding)

Viewing specific code set file content in notepad++ and saving the file, later we can view the same in txt file properly.

latin ->utf8 format.

One Example , using code page as fallows,

SAP PI 7.4 File Sender communication channel options


File sender communication channel configuration.

File access parameters:
Source directory, file-name, Additional files(attachment along with message)
Defining Placeholders, File Name Masks, and Exclusion Masks

File Processing Paramters
Processing tab, Processing parameters, Quality of service, Poll interval , Retry Interval Processing mode, Empty file Handling, Archive faulty Source files, Process read only files, processing sequence,
Run operating system command before or after message processing.

Advanced section:Adapter specific message attributes

SAP PI 7.4 File Receiver communication channel options


File Receiver communication channel SAP PI 7.4

Transport protocol, Message protocol, File access parameters, Target directory and File name schema

Note: Variable subtution/Adapter specific message attributes overwrite, if these are enabled

 File Construction mode: Create, Append, Add time stamp, Add message id, Add counter
(Use temporary file, Directly) 

File type: Binary or Text

 Run Operating system command before and after message processing.

Next Advanced Option
( Wanna use Variable substitution or Adapter specific message attributes)

Using advanced mode.

File content conversation options