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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

SAP PI Alert configuration: Configuring a Local Consumer on AS Java: with example


with reference to Michal blog and sharing few things about configuration in my landscape 

Before proceeding, Make sure if you have right role assigned for you user.

Integration directory(alerts rule, assign ico/required objects to alert rule/ choose required errors/ choose recipients)

CBA-> Component Based alerting(new) >= PI 7.3
AF->(Alert FrameWork )Classical Alerts( old) < PI 7.3


Creating Alert Rule

adding Configuration objects to Alert Rule

Selecting required alert messages

 (only specific , choose required only)

Types of Alert Consumption

CBA as fallows( with example )

Enable aggregateAlerts,SuppressAlerts as true along with from to to mail ids

sample alert mail to my mail id 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

SAP PI ESR predefined mapping and business solutions


1)Content from SAP and C4C ( both ESR content and if any custom adapters)

2)Content from 3rd Party adapter Like: seeburger, ECC(PLM integration), ( both ESR content and if any custom adapters)

3)Content from 3rd party products( ESR content and standard adapter) ex: Maximo and tririga integration.

Some of RDS( Rapid development solutsions for SAP PI)

Ariba solutions:

SAP ERP HCM Integration to SuccessFactors rapid-deployment solution V4.607

Cloud for customers solutions:

SAP Electronic Data Interchange rapid-deployment solution V1.730

SAP NetWeaver Identity Management rapid-deployment solution V1.72

SuccessFactors Employee Central Integration to SAP ERP rapid-deployment solution

SAP Best Practices for SuccessFactors Employee Central Third-Party Integration V1.10

SAP Business Suite Integration for SAP Financial Services Network rapid-deployment solution V3.607

Pre defined content from 3rd party adapter like, seeburger AG, PLM integrator ECS

From IBM for maximo integration with SAP ECC via SAP PI, but standard adapter.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Example using when condition in XSLT


sample xslt code

1. Create xslt scenario.
2. get sample source xml and target xml file.
3. you will prepare xslt logic by using this tool/ view, check output xml file after xslt logic.

How to work with this tool

Only this graphical view option in enterprise edition , also check jvm is reachable 

to view the source : open in design mode

sample1: source
to view the code open in design mode

XSLT template use, to get only specific element value and filter options


how to use template in xslt

coping source node and pasting to target easy way

copy source node but, target tag names are different



Monday, August 10, 2015

XSLT for loop and if condition and sort condition and intend use/enable


comment in xml/xslt:  

For loop condition ( with condition( on sub elements ) , not equal to, if condition .

Sort condition  using:

Enabling Intend in target structure. 

Problem with Intend:


Friday, August 7, 2015

More than 200 characters are being received from Success Factors to SAP HCM on first service call for Login


Error:HCM sending same session id received from Success Factors to PI where it is failing validation as the max permitted size as per the schema is 200 characters only. In lower environments, Success Factors is sending less than 200 characters.

Passed in lower environment's but failed in production.

1.SAP(HCM)-----(LOGIN)-----> S.F.( get session id)
2.SAP(HCM)-----Update(transaction info)   Error( session is more than 200 char)

solution is : Next patch update : 2038366

Thursday, August 6, 2015

SAP PI or Mulesoft warehouse management software solution using asynchronous REST/JSON services


Recently, we got requirement saying, "Need to interface our SAP ECC system with warehouse management software solution using asynchronous REST/JSON services "

Because of knowledge on SAP ECC, SAP PI(REST,JSON) connectivity, we also suggested this option. But customer having his option saying, we would like to go for Mulesoft

After analysis, it has already predefined functionality RFC/IDOC (standard API ) ,for simple interfaces,
I hope, if the business has very few transaction set and quick to implement for less interface.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Success Factor SAP PI Integration error: connection closed by remote system, after login and couple transactions


Session Login

   Transaction : " After couple of transactions, Error found as : remote system is locked"

Session Logout

1. we had verified all Add-on recommendation of SAP, but no use,
2. Finally, we were known, issue is at SFSF side.

The maximum permitted size per the provided schema is 200 character only for same-session id, but it is more in production. after knowing this, we solved the issue.