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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Monitoring your JMS Queue details( multiple Queue in single place) using AppWatch, useful in SAP PI message monitoring support


1.In this blog, you will see, jms configuration in ID of sap pi, and view the same parameters in appwatch, like queue manager, queue name and channel name.
2. Understanding the sample JMS messages in jms queue.
3. for inbound(SAP) transations, you can place sample test messages in AppWatch.
4. you can understand MQ headr, MQ RFH2 paramters, 
( Most of the time, we can requirement to change the MQ RFH2 parameters, we used xslt mapping for this)
5. how to browser MQ messages  in XML format in appwatch.
6. how to use Appwatch documenation for better understanding.

7. for opening appWatch, you need access( support or admin rights are required)

8. By understanding appWatch and you can validate the message status at MQ and PI side. might be, where exactly message blocked.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

SAP PI B2B add on sp04 standard mapping objects by predefined content


Where do we find the documents for this.( which has information each mapping with field by field)

Given sample standard message mapping (with predefined content)

Friday, May 22, 2015

Important SAP ECC and SAP PI configurations end to end with help of SAP C4C document


Steps to installation certificates in SAP PI 
Case i:
section: 4.29

Step1: Download certificates from specific url
step 2: nwa->configuration->certificates and keys->look for TrustedCA
Import the two root certificates that were downloaded using the Import Entry button under TrustedCAs.
Select the entry type X.509 Certificate and the location of the certificate file, and click Import

example: *.cer *.crt

case ii:
working with certificates and keys
(certificates and load keys)

1. Creating variant for standard report and executing that report in back ground job
    section 4.4

2. Creating Technical system in SAP ECC for SAP PI system using RZ70 transaction code.
    section 4.7

3. Creating service account with specific roles in SAP ECC using SU01.

4. Activating Change pointers for specific idoc in SAP
     Section 4.23

4.SAP PI: Creating of BS(web as abap), choosing technical system, installed swcv(choose option)
    Section 4.27

5. Install PI Content on ESR using Enterprise Service Builder
    Section 4.28

6. SAP PI( Dual stack system): Maintain port and loading meta data
    section: 4.31 and 4.32

7. Creating PI scenarios from ESR model
    section: 4.36
( index menu of this document).

Document Link

SAP PI configuration:

New document has been loaded into SAP DOCUMENTS

(username and pwd required)
Integrating SAP Cloud for Customer with SAP ERP using SAP Process Integration

which has full information step by step( but not screen shots)

Friday, May 15, 2015

abap proxy client proxy coding procedure for SAP PI abapers


Good example from sap technical

based on this, generic procedure to write abap code for any outbound proxy

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Split XI bulk messages processing problem with soap sender with SAP PI 7.31 SP8


split xi bulk messages option was found in sap basis 7.30 but not in latest one sap basis 7.31

in sap help also identified the same,
(ESR soap meta data, we identified this option status to disabled), by default they are providing 

but it is not working properly in 7.31, if we modify to 7.30, it is working.

Product error?

after discussion with sap, 
we simply changed adapter type in soap with other activated and agian changed with right one and activated. but this reflected in runtime properly.  i hope sap will fix this in next service patches.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

some times payload has additional namespace in SAP PI message monitoring


Error in message monitoring:

Transmitting the message to endpoint using connection JMS_ failed, due to: Error while adding control record to idoc payload due to HIERARCHY_REQUEST_ERR: An attempt was made to insert a node where it is not permitted. Transmitting the message to endpoint using connection JMS_ failed, due to: Error while adding control record to idoc payload due to HIERARCHY_REQUEST_ERR: An attempt was made to insert a node where it is not permitted. MP: exception caught with cause Error while adding control record to idoc payload due to HIERARCHY_REQUEST_ERR: An attempt was made to insert a node where it is not permitted

recently seen failed messages in monitor

before we have success messages for the same interface.

1st analysis: if the idoc meta data is reachable to target or not, if it is green as shown below, no issue

(note: this is right method, to verify if any idoc meta data errors in message monitor)

Now the compared payload of success and failed messages and found namespace additionally 

We got same issues in with sap notes 1990538. the same error is corrected with new service patch also.

Alternative thought, if client says, if he wants to send that namespace also, we can remove the namespace using xml enomalizer bean

How to know your service patch information in single stack system.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Delay or schedule sending your outlook mail if required.


I cam across a requirement , need to send my report to my manager by end of the day, this morning , i know the all list, it would not be modifiable state again by end of the day,
So i composed all tasks in report with delivery time.

and press the button with delivery time.

wanna do the same for all messages ?