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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

SAP PI idoc is in waiting state due to user role change

Error1: Not able to post idoc from sap ecc to sap pi ( AAE, single stack) , due to http connection is not valid.
error: when opening as RFC : connection

SAP -> SAP PI ( single stack connection) for idoc outbound.

Search results of google for this error as follows

verify the rfc destination (t type) program id ( Which is from ecc) in SAP PI NWA

use the same program id in same location.


Error2: we are not able send idoc from sap pi to sap ecc system, idoc is in waiting state,

reason: sap pi basis, modified the roles for this user(for SAP ECC system), after provide full roles , we were able to connect the system again. 
simply re-sending the failed messages in sap pi monitor page.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

xslt mapping: create your own target structure as per target using stylus studio


Dynamic target node by using choose xlst function.

View graphically, if you have source xml and xslt, by locating source xml file and target, past xslt code

 understanding logic seeing symbols

xslt mapping with help of source XML and target XML structure and do graphical mapping

generally you know what is source and what is target XML , and then graphically we can map.

( the below code also help us how to copy specific node from source copy as it is, if target structure is same, )

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Working with SAP B2B addon using SAP PI for EDI messages


SAP NetWeaver Process Integration, business-to-business add-on sp01
OFTP Adapter - Checking Duplicate Message (New)
OFTP Adapter - Archiving Messages (Changed)
OFTP Adapter - Acknowledgment Handling (New)
OFTP Adapter - TCP SSL Port and ISDN Router Parameters (Changed)
AS2 Adapter - Acknowledgment Handling (New)
AS2 Adapter - SHA-2 Algorithms Support (New)
AS2 Adapter- Mandatory Authentication Parameters (Changed)
X400 Adapter - Acknowledgment Handling (New)
EDI Separator Adapter- Functional Acknowledgments (New and Chang
EDI Separator Adapter - Receiving Multiple EDI Formats (Changed)
Introducing Generic Module (New)
EDI Converter Modules Parameters (New)
Archiver Module - Supporting Multiple Files for Archiving (Chang
Enhanced Local Monitoring for B2B Messages (Changed)
New EDI Message Types (New)
B2B Integration Cockpit (New)
EDI Content Manager - New UI for Customizing EDI Messages (Chang
Performance Optimizations (Changed)

SAP NetWeaver Process Integration, business-to-business add-on 1.0 (SP 02)
OFTP Adapter (New and Changed)
AS2 Adapter (New)
EDI Separator Adapter (Changed)
EDI Content Manager (Changed)
Trading Partner Management (New)
Introducing EANCOM Support (New)
Enhancements in Converter Modules (New)
Archiving Format (Changed)
Monitoring EDI Messages (New)

SAP NetWeaver Process Integration, business-to-business add-on 1.0 (SP 03)
AS2 Adapter (New)
AS2 Log Viewer (New)
EDI Separator Adapter (New)
EDI Content Manager (Changed)
TRADACOMS Message Types (New)
Trading Partner Management (New)
TPM Module (Changed)
Alerts (New)
Human Readable Error (Changed)
Archiver Module (New)
B2B X12 Content Generation (New)

SAP Process Integration, business-to-business add-on Release Notes sp04
XSD Generator for Plain Message
Plain Message Editor
Odette New content
Duplicate Interchange Check for EDI Messages
EANCOM Sub-Version Support while Routing
Dynamic Header from First ICO to Other
OFTP Additional Destination Support
Receiver Side Proxy Support
Single SSID & Several  SFID
EDI Dashboard for Local Message Monitor
TPM Export/Import Enhancements
CSV Export/Import of TPM Data
Mass Update of Partner Properties
Alerts for Certificate Rollover / Expiry
Webservice API
B2B Log Viewer

B2B Acknowledgment Archiving
-----------------------------------End of sap help----------------------------


Recently we did poc on EDI separator in our landscape.

Get full idea on b2b addon Integration from SAP PI from here

RreferenceLink B2B inbound PO here

B2b message monitor in SAP PI here


we can export/import xsd format from our sap pi based on different versions , once we deploy the b2b add-on

use of edi-separator ( which is 1st configured at received then sender side(to get specific message from previous))

You configure the communication channels with the EDI separator adapter to split the incoming batch EDI messages into individual EDI messages. The messages are split based on the content of the business document and the partner type.
The batch EDI message contains specific EDI formats for each of the message types that represent various business documents or transactions such as Purchase Order, Invoice, Delivery Forecast, and so on. The SAP NW PI EDI separator adapter supports the following EDI formats:
  • ANSI ASC X12
  • Edifact
  • Odette
  • VDA

   1) one inbound scenario. file->edisepator->sap(idoc)
2) one outbound scenario sap(invoice)-> file

Note: edi files are not user friendly understandable format. Use 
sample liaison tool image download free version and install express edition.
by using this you can see the edi-file with unfriendly nature.
but before understand basic edi transactions 

inbound as follows

refer this blog to configure in SAP PI side.

Make sure, in your sap pi system , b2b add-on are properly deployed or not.

ref: EDI integration with seeburger adapter