Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Debugging RFC in SAP from SAP PI mapping


1. First check RFC communication channel is active and working
2. check the user , i.e. is maintained.

a. Determine which rfc, you are going to bebug

2. get the test data for your mapping(valid test data, that rfc takes) 

3. check the communication channel we are using and its status and its user name

Now SAP ECC system.

go to any se38/se37 screen utilities-> settings-> debuggin tab
and check user. and activate the debugging for this user.  

add break point in the abap code.

Now Again SAP PI message mapping.

Execute the mapping, and now your dubber in sap ecc starts 

Now check values in abap variables.

:- ) pdp

PI messages are in holding state permanently, Changing Business system value in cache through mapping


PI messages are in holding state permanently and not cleared after removing/cancel first failed messages in SAP PI 

Ariba integration, before configuration any ariba software components, first check in configuration value mapping is properly configured in Integration directory or not.

Avoiding cache errors in SAP PI, some times cache errors are not cleared even we go for cache full refresh, then set the business system and communication channel info in mapping then run one test scenario. then remove these entries.

want to trigger same idoc for create and change(process code different for create and change), some time we are not able entry again for ORDERS for change, for this first remove entries for change po ORDCHG message type and enter the entries for ORDERS

List of Namespaces ariba component