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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Important softwares are userful for software engineers and others

Important software in corporates in Development:

cisco webex connect: messenger and additional functionalists

Lync from micro soft, Lotusnotes is from IBM

1. putty: to connect linux/unix system using command prompt

2. Import commands in linux

3.simpilar to putty ( Graphical user interface with connect to our local system(windows), remote system(linux) : WinSP3

4. using Ping , telnet, ftp commands( to find the status about server). remote desktop connect  in windows using mstsc

class path and environment variables in system.

is my computer 32 or 64 bit machine

Perforce p4( work directory and perforce server connectivity)
it is software, being used in many product development areas, for various check in , check out;

Capture screen shot quickly and required part only and copy/save where ever you need it after you edit.
Light shot:

Screen capture (vedio) from our computer and prepare vedio for youtube from our computer screens
jing,camstudio, camtasia, screen flow 

Prepare *.bat files ans working with those.


Deleting browser history and passwords internet , firefox and crome

Read Please: Software which reads the text to mp3 format. you can listen news( by pasting text) in that editor and what ever the matter you want to read it.

Free vedio to aduio convertion

Important commands on run (windows)

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