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Friday, March 28, 2014

HTTP status code 500 : Internal Server Error in SXI_MONITOR for proxy scenarios in ECC


I have faced this issue, when i trigger proxy messages from SAP ECC to SAP PI in my performance testing of PI scenarios.

HTTP status code 500 : Internal Server Error
all components had been worked fine in PI. also tried with sldcheck tcode. also, it was also working fine.

Finally went for ST22 in both ECC and PI abap stack.

and found this reason.( in PI System)

Time zone difference in SAP PI ABAP and java stack(Message display tool) or message monitoring in PI


Example: Message time captured in ABAP stack and RWB as follows
abap stack: 11.03.2014 09:11:17
rwb meg: 11.03.2014 01:11:20.434

Solution:( now add the time zone value (by default it is not enabled)

Saturday, March 15, 2014

SAP Dcode event participation in Bangalore on 14th March 2014


SAP D-code on 14th March 2014 in Bangalore(2nd day)

Bus started from Vasanthnagar, and of my colleague "Dharma" with smiling face. 

Entrance at SAP Labs at Bangalore

another view at reception.

Dharma and me

Cafeteria at SAP Labs

 Another colleague Kanda Swamy and his friend avinash 

Brief information about the even and list of topics in that display board

One of the topic(HANA) was being discussed. 

in After noon, Good Lunch and again discussion on various new topics as per schedule.

Finally we reached our bus with good snack boxes

Thursday, March 13, 2014

SAP purchase order creation with multiple schedule items and its IDoc fields ORDERS05


a)Prerequisites: (vendor, purchase org, purchase group, company code, plant, Payment terms, commodity code, UOM,Account assignment category,  assert, cost center, G/L account,) are created with proper relation in between them.

Tcode; ME21N in SAP ECC system.( user enter button and tab button for quick fill and help)

b) we will see how to create Purchase order with multiple schedule items.
c) after saving , see all the tabs for this purchase order.
d) Also we can find idoc number , is generated after saving this idoc number.
e) about full Documentation on idoc , go for tcode, WE60 enter the idoc basic type , save as html file in your local directory, else copy entire html view and paste in your msword, and search for required field for more information.
f) if you want to find the any technical name of the filed on SAP gui(purchase order), put cursor on that , press F1 to get more details, and gain press on t symbol, i will show the technical name, which is also present in the idoc structure.
g) to view the idoc , go for the tcode we02 or we05,
h) for testing the idoc existing idoc,(re-sending same idoc with some modifications) use the tcode, WE19 for both inbound(into SAP) resend, outbound(outbound SAP) resend.

1. first we need to create ( Head details 1, items(many), each item( many schedule details)


Finding Idoc number, for this idoc number on the same screen number.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Important softwares are userful for software engineers and others

Important software in corporates in Development:

cisco webex connect: messenger and additional functionalists

Lync from micro soft, Lotusnotes is from IBM

1. putty: to connect linux/unix system using command prompt

2. Import commands in linux

3.simpilar to putty ( Graphical user interface with connect to our local system(windows), remote system(linux) : WinSP3

4. using Ping , telnet, ftp commands( to find the status about server). remote desktop connect  in windows using mstsc

class path and environment variables in system.

is my computer 32 or 64 bit machine

Perforce p4( work directory and perforce server connectivity)
it is software, being used in many product development areas, for various check in , check out;

Capture screen shot quickly and required part only and copy/save where ever you need it after you edit.
Light shot:

Screen capture (vedio) from our computer and prepare vedio for youtube from our computer screens
jing,camstudio, camtasia, screen flow 

Prepare *.bat files ans working with those.


Deleting browser history and passwords internet , firefox and crome

Read Please: Software which reads the text to mp3 format. you can listen news( by pasting text) in that editor and what ever the matter you want to read it.

Free vedio to aduio convertion

Important commands on run (windows)