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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Opening special characters- Language specific with our notepad. Encoding specific characters SAP PI

Generally, we can not see the language specific charecters by using our regular notepad, We need to use Notepad++

Opening language specific file in notepad/ notepad++(ordinaryway, default : anscii)

Now change the encoding option to our required language encoding

After choosing our required option, the same file looks as follows

Custom Encoding usage in PI 

Other uses of XMLAnonymizer bean;

encoding conversion

encoding in soap adapter

Working with double space char and single space.
1. we have requirement like, need to put double space char from in the target filed(csv).
(I simply searched, Japanese text in test messages in messages mapping test tool, got the space(this is space is double space), copied and reused the same in constant in message mapping

also see the sap document about encoding in pi, This helps, how to use encoding for various adapters and XSLT and JAVA mappings use

4th june 2015:
Recently one my friend asked me, how to handle japan and chineese and greece charecters

his solutions:

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