Friday, April 26, 2013

Working with SOAP receiver scenarios , when we have Firewall and Certificate Constraints

Some times, you might need to communicate with your 3rd party system, using web services, In that cases , get Certificate from that server.

How to get the certificate from that server.

By using target url, generally we will find it from WSDL file

the certificate file extension is with  *.cer

Error generally facing with sap pi soap receiver communication channel with out having certificate installed on PI system.
2) if there are no proper firewall setting, you will see the socket creation error 

generally ssl certificate issues are due to lack of certificate load in PI system.  Your basis person get the certificate from vendor by using the target url, which contains ip/host name and port number.

by using netweaver admin, in certificates section, he deploys the certificate, we can see the certificate contents.only after uploading these in SAP PI.

Once it is done, add this system details in your filewall setting by contacting firewall team and your third party team also do the same to enter those in their firewall settings.

Get the confirmation from them, if they are able to ping our xi server by giving pi host name/ port number

once the get the confirmation from them.

Thus we can work soap receivers when third party uses certificates