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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

SAP PI cutover activities( Dev->Quality->Production)

In Migration project 7.0->7.3), We frequently need to do cutover activities for various interfaces:

( By assuming all mapping logic works fine)
SAP ECC     ----->  SAP PI------>

( Check in your lower version of  pi system, if any processing or failed messages are there or not, if there, clear those and intimate to your business(ecc) to stop sending messages to your lower version of PI system).

1. IDoc interface:
     a. Identify the receiver partner number(we20). You can find the idoc xml file(test data received from lower version of pi system). for that partner number. look into the outbound message used. change port for that( pointing to your higher version of SAP PI system, before, we have to create t-rfc destination to your Higher version of PI system).

     b.Some times, if your interface is using sender http communication channel. then , your port is http_xml type. so change port for that. before this you should create http rfc destination in your ECC system.

2. Proxies:

MFT----->(file) SAP PI---->

( Check if any failed/processing message are there in your lower version of pi system, if there not there, you can proceed to start cutover activities by intimating business)

1. First stop service at MFT side to send message to lower version of PI system
2. check if any messages in lower version of pi system, then deactivate that communication channel.
3.Activate mft side to send message to higher version of pi system.

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