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Thursday, December 13, 2012

SAP PI ABAP Proxy Outbound settings, Triggering message to SAP PI(When many sap pi systems)

Scenario : SRM ->XI( VIA : Abap Proxy)
First we need to create Rfc destination(H type) to SAP PI.( Action Required in Sender system SRM/ECC)
Use this Rfc destination in *** image as shown below.

Note: 1.Suppose we want to send message to Multiple SAP PI system, then we need Multiple number H type rfc destination in SAP ECC/SRM system.( Like this we are identifying the our target sap pi system)
2. How to identify specific interface in sap pi( Triggering message to particular interface in sap pi). For this we have to specify the Outbound Service interface details as shown in 2nd Image

Tcode: SXMB_ADMIN (or) SXMB_ADM (in ECC system, e.g., XYZ,125)
Maintain the required Outbound interface details as sender ID 

Maintain Integration Engine configuration in ECC system (e.g., PDE 125)


Now test the outbound abap proxy using SPROXY tcode.

Check in SXMB_MONI in ECC system (e.g., PDE  or XYZ)

The trace indicates that it used specific configuration and hence the message going to IDS XI system. Verify the same in IDS moni.

Now let us remove the entry from SXMB_ADM and test it. It should use global configuration and the message should go to IDV

Check in SXMB_MONI in ECC system (e.g., PDE). It indicates that the message goes to IDV using global configuration. Verify the message in IDV moni.

Check in SXMB_MONI in ECC system (e.g., PDE). It indicates that the message goes to IDV using global configuration. Verify the message in IDV moni.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

IDoc xml to Idoc flat convertion with module : IDOC_ERROR_PARSE_FAILURE: Invalid character encountered within IDocXML for type

idoc xml to flat conversion Error info at AAE as follows

1. Error we faced before change of mapping.( message display tool)

2.Before and after mapping change as follows

Saturday, December 1, 2012

SAP PI Migration Testing IDoc scenarios in New development from existing production

Outbound Scenarios ( SAP ECC/R3 -> SAP XI->XYZ)
Retesting Production(SAP PI) Idoc, Gathered payload from SXMB_MONI.

1. Gather payload from sxmb_moni( idoc payload from sxmb_moni) save this in your local directory. 

2.        Create the XML file port as follows in ECC system. (Transaction WE21)

1.       Copy the XML file for IDoc to local system and change the partner profile parameters.

1.       Go to transaction CG3Z and upload the file to tmp directory.

  Click on Transfer File, go to transaction AL11 to check the uploaded file.

1.       Go to transaction WE16 and enter the details related to file and port.

1.       Click on execute and should get successful message.

1.       Go to transaction WE02, identify the IDoc based on the message type and check the status. It should be in inbound IDoc.

1.       Go to Transaction WE19 with IDoc number retrieved, check the control record and trigger outbound processing.

1.       Log on to PI system to check the message process successfully.

Special settings (when we have condition in Receiver Determination in routing, Idoc field based condition)

Not able to execute remote RFC via SAP PI from SAP ECC system

While executing remote RFC from sender SAP System getting following error due to
 Text: USER XXXX has no Rfc authorization for function for function group MEWP

Solution:  Need add additional authorization for the above use in SAP PI (SAP PI basis needs to fix this issue)

Idoc are not reachable to SAP PI From sender SAP system


Error in processing caused by:$Exception: (123) JCO_ERROR_FUNCTION_NOT_FOUND: Server repository could not create function template for 'ZBAPI_RENTALS_UPDATE_OUT' caused by:$Exception: (104) RFC_ERROR_SYSTEM_FAILURE: User RFC_IDS001 has no RFC authorization for function group SDIF . (raised by system BD4(system id)|xxxxxx(server))

(Note: success status in we02/05 , but error in sm58 log)

solution from Basis:

PI basis need to grant this user(what ever we used in rfc detination) access to  SDIF authorisation group in SAP PI

More information: