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Friday, June 8, 2012

SRM standard Datatypes enhancements in SAP PI

Scenario: SAP SRM ->(Proxies) XI -> SOAP

Requirement: 1.New fields are to be added into SRM standard objects.
                     2. Use those fields in mapping.

steps: 1. add additional fields to standard SRM datatype, by creating new namespace as shown in below(at upper level by creating new namespace).
          2. after activate , SRM person can see these object in sproxy (t-code) section,
Just create, Data type enhancement as shown in below image, 

Actually, sender message type for SRM standard object found in Basis Object, But we can not modify the direct datatype directly in that software component. as shown in image create new namespace at upper level and create datatype enhancement object as shown in below(right side)

Note:Please create a data type enhancement in a custom SWCV. Do not use the standard SWCV.
Use the standard SWCV under the dependent SWCV of the custom SWCV. Now you would be able to see your message interfaces and service interfaces under the custom SWCV

In my scenario,my actual fields are zstandard_text and zpurpose_code, But i have created Data type enhancement name RFX_DataTypeExt, under i have mentioned my objects.

Now we need to specify our actual Datatype to add these 2 fields, select tab enhanced data type, specify your standard Data type.

Above enhancement datatype tab, you can find my actual datatype.

now,see the results in message mapping, if it is properly added or not. in my case it is added properly.

Other hints:
Use SXMB_MONI t-code to see the messages at SRM side that are sent to XI and received from XI.

Debugging your inbound proxies

Message mapping test after adding fields,

Michal: Datatype enhancement at xi side : using that in abap side.