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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Avoid Namespace errors in XI or PI Message mapping test

Avoid namespace errors in message mapping.

In most of the cases, Sender message types has some optional fields, this means, we can get this business data some times, sometime, we can not see this filed also.

If we want to test our mapping with sample data. Which does not contain some option fields. We would like to put those and we want to test.

In mapping, test tab, if we right click on specific root node, it allows you to add some additional fields.

After adding it shows, some red colored filed , even you are sure about case-sensitive

Then observe the SRC(Source code) by clicking source code button. the problem, tool is adds some additional namespace for that field, which we can not see for already existing fields 

For existing test data,I am trying to add new field.

My below message type has full information about all fields( ex: ListOfItemReferences)

How to avoid this problem. Simple , we can find wizard icon( generate test instance), if you click on that , it allows you to enter manual test data. Now go for SRC(Source code for this), you will find all fields( mandatory and optional fields). then find your field in the source code. you can copy entire SRC into separate note pad.

Use Notepad logic : find and replace, where ever it required ex: ns0, ns1, ns2....

add business data for your field. and place in SRC and then view in graphical mode. you will not see the red colored field in  test mapping.

WIZARD ICON for Generating Test instance
After you message mapping successful. Just save your test data for future reference.

click on icon beside Wizard icon as shown in blow image 
Q) Getting strange namespace and causes failure in sxmb_moni due to that.
 Q)Not able to load runtime message in message mapping tool , because of name space. how to rectify.
Ans)   1) first check with your sender system. if they are able to send message as in (test instance of message mapping structure).
          2) if not , just find out the runtime namespace and copy the name space and paste in sender message type structure( we can see additional text box for xmlnamespace).

Now, activate the message mapping by simple change in description. and test message mapping, you can see green colored fields in graphical view.

Q) Additional message tags in message mapping( for multiple message types, 1- n, n-1,n-n)
A)  Test those message with out disturbance of these additional tags, then only mapping works.
     But, we you test integration test, put message with out those additional tags.
         Ex: 1)sender file location
                2) http client test
                3) Integration directory test tool.


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