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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Steps Using ABAP proxies using AAE

some times Parallel processing with different aae as fallows

Avoiding communication with Integration Engine as fallows

System requirement to Implement abap proxies on AAE

Necessary Step at Sender ABAP system. as fallows.

Need to create system id ( similar to Sender rfc scenario)

  • Use same System id, in Integration engine entry(sxmb_adm) Foe example: BOOKS is our system id( it is orbiter value)
  • We can use different system id, for different AAE ( In-case of different AAE SYSTEMS)

(Let us see list steps as summary as said above)

Step at AAE( pi SIDE Configuration as fallows), Createing soap communication channel.

For Asynchronous apap proxies, need specify module details as fallows.

InBound processing is mandatory step for sender abap proxies as fallows.

Now, we see the differnt step for configuration receiver abap proxies.

Also create outbound processing step for receiver abap proxies scenario.

Monitoring is common step in this case also.

Limitations about ABAP proxies using AAE


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