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Friday, August 27, 2010

SAP PI FTP File Adapter Configuration

Some times, because of illegal file FTP file adapter configuration in SAP PI . we are getting message like this( absolute path and relative path) 500

Way to ftp adapter configuration->

Suppose you are able to accesss your client FTP system like this from your vpn network as shown below
Step1: start -> run -> ftp

step2: enter username and password

step3: find ftp command and check PWD(present working directory) as shown in below and use this folder
while configuring File FTP adapter

Use above help and configure FTP details as shown in below

Saturday, August 14, 2010

SAP PI foreign language characters XML is not valid

when you face xml is invalid , because of foreign language characters, or special symbols like "&" " <" in xml file

Refer more information using this article provided by SAP

Also refer this weblog and Comments by different authors on this

Monday, August 9, 2010

Germany travel FAQ

Germany Business Visa, VFS Germany, Domestic Travel in India, International Travel from India , Travel tips in Germany



Hi all,

This is Deviprasad Pothireddi, working as software employee in one of MNC in Hyderabad. Because of company requirement, I traveled for Germany. I am describing my experience in step by step. I hope this is useful for many of them.

1. Procedure to get Germany visa(Business ) from south India.

2. Procedure to travel Germany after getting Germany Visa

1. Generally we will get invitation letter from Germany saying that, Time , duration and complete information.(this is important letter)

2. Then go to Germany consulate website and find out what type of visa you want, and required documents for that.

3. You can get Exact information from that website about List of documents ( better to have your passport first and last copy(Xerox)).

1) Need to vist VFS office Example: VFS office in hyd(begumpet), VFS office in vizag…

2) Need to Visit Germany consulate office in Chennai( this is for south india). Get location about this office from their web site.

VFS office at Begumpet(Hyderabad): submit all your documents: 1.Filled application(take pass port as Germany standards) 2. Pass port 3. Employment letter letter 5.your travel ticket (samples, when do want to travel). 6. International travel insurance. No need to show educational certificates(original or duplicate). But for Work permit they may ask your (Original /duplicate copy). One declaration form( need to write with pen saying that, About your yourself and purpose to go Germany.

Time to submit your documents in VFS: 8am to 3pm. This is only for checking your documents. No interview here(only Indian will check you documents).

1. They verify your documents and help you to fill all documents and they take visa fee(around 4000Rs), they envelope all documents what you have provided and give to you. And Visit Date and time to Germany consulate in Chennai.

Germany counsulate In Chennai.

1. Check your Visit Date and time and reach before 30Min to that place

2. There is no place for sit outside of German consulate.

3. They call you inside(one room) to attend the interview(most of the time Indians do the interview). Generally they may ask your Purpose of visit to germany, duration, accomidation and your employment , they open your envelope and check your documents. Generally it may take 4-10min.

4. After that they will say you, you will get your passport to your address.

5. Leave that place (this time , you do not have any documents).

Domestic travel experience:

1. You need domestic (with in india tavel in flight/plane/aero plane) air ticket, some times we call it as itinerary

2. You need id proof, generally Pan card, driving Licence, any gov. related id proof

Procedure at Hyderabad international airport.

1. Generally you get e-ticket(online ticket). You need to show this at airport counter(many airline counters are there like :airIndia, kingfishers, jet india)

2. Then they provide boarding pass(flight ticket). Which has information about Gate(you have to wait in this place to catch flight/plane)

3. After that go for baggage check and police check in( where they will check all items what you are carrying).

4. Do not take explosive items and tools(also avoid razor , blade)

5. Remember there is particular limit for weight of luggage. Get the information from e-ticket / boarding pass .

6. Once police check in over, you have to go to your Gate. (no facility to see your relatives or family members, who came along with you).

7. You feel very good at first time. It is like a train travel( garib rath in india/ AC conformant ).

8. They provide some snackes during the journey and guide you the instructions in flight.

9. No checking at destination place.

Note: Be careful while you buy items at airport

Ex: coffee cost in Hyderabad international airport: 60Rupees .

International Travel Experience:

Similar to Domestic travel travel, But

1. Iimmigration check (passport,visa) at source airport and passport, visa checking at destination airport

2. Baggage submition source airport and Baggage claim at destination airport.

3. Iid proof: passport and Visa carrying

Sequence of steps:

1. getting boarding pass from e-ticket at airline counter

2. police check and goods check

3. Immigration check and get into your gate number.

4. Destination: 1) pass port check and 2)baggage collect

Germany Experience:

1. After collection of baggage in airport, fallows signals to reach train station, train system available below the airport (generally in any airport in germany)

2. Take wheel bag, it is easy to drag luggage.

3. Get into ticket counter room, and ask them ticket to your destination.

Note: if you book reservation before 3 days, amount for that is less otherwise you have to pay double the payment.

(You can get one day pass, monthly pass ask them at this counter, you can use this public transport(bus, mini trains(run on roads))

4. Public transport is very good in Germany.

5. You can also use rent car facility.

6. Use 2 pin adapter, we cannot use 3 pin adapters.(international standard).

7. We can use our indian rice cooker, to cook rice with help of 2 pin adapter

8. In Germany people generally take food as burger with cool drink (avoid water most of time and cost nearly equal to coke cook drink).

(Hotel rates nearly: 30Euro to 95Euro/night ) most of them, with Breakfast.

9.Take mobile sim (local to Germany) it cost around 10Euro + 15Euro (pre paid sim).

10. Use Google maps to identify the places and better have print-outs for new members.

11. prefer to stay in apartment/ service apartment( which has kitchen facility). Where you find some cooking bowels and its accessories and electric stove. So you can go to any super market and buy some eatables and cook it.

Ex: Milk cost around : 50Cents, sugar nearly 60 cents, coke 0.5 bottle 2Euros at hotels / shops, generally you will get less in super markets.

12. In Germany many hotels are available with breakfast. This means they provide break-fast facility default.

13. For Lunch and dinner, minimum you need to pay 5Euros(self service), for service you have to pay 10 – 15Euros. Generally they order with some cool drink(ex: coke or Beer)

14. My friend and me went in a Indian hotel and ordered 1liter water bottle, finally we got bill on 7Euros(normal water).

15. you do not find any traffic police at 4 road junctions or any junction, every where you find signal lights, for walkers, cycles and auto mobiles.

16. they use “ Hello word” to wish anybody.

17. we do not find any ceiling fan in rooms/ hotel . some time we find only small table fan.

18. Most of them, fallow , use Maps to identify the location. I advise new persons, you to have map where ever you go.

19. if you have 2 pin adapter( buy international standard), (socket is available after 1inch depth), you can use any electronic / electric device like in India.

20. Whoever new to Germany , avoid walking on streets after 8:30pm.

21. you can buy railticket(short distances) with help of ticket vender machine.

22.Long distance trains means, Intercity trains ICE( connecting cities).

23. Use google map, to find hotels, shops and distance between two stations. book online rail ticket with help of this site.

24. Hotels: to book hotel, Make a telephone call to hotel, ask for different services( specially internet). and do reservation. and ask any free trasport facility available from airport to hotel / hotel to airport. ( some hotels providing these services too). Remember most of hotels providing , free internet services with WLAN( wireless LAN). to utilize this, check your laptop, if this option available or not. Using internet during international travel helps you great.

Indian computer keyboard and Germany keyboard differs in some options.

About depature in Germany ( Frankfurt airport)

  1. some hotels near to Frankfurt airport, with free bus facility. Use those facilities

  2. take your e ticket and show your eticket and baggage check-in, based on you airline counter. They provide. Boarding pass( which has gate pass information).

  3. you can easily find your gate based on directions. While going, at one place, police check your passport, and allows further, then your personal baggage check and then go to your gate,

  4. while you are in flight, you will receive a form, you need to fill your journey information based on passport, ticket and visa. And customs bags info. You need to provide this at exit place.