Monday, May 17, 2010

Working with SAP PI proxies syncronous interface

Abap proxies in SAP PI

In this scearnio we learn how to use the abap proxies step by step.

assume here, we are having 2 sap ecc systems, first ecc system wants to send request to sap pi , the sap pi request to second sap ecc system. the second sap system takes input and execute program and return this response to SAP PI , this PI system sends this informtion to first SAP System, the communication as fallows...

for this, i am using same sap system for sender and receiver, i need to create one oubound servcie interface for sender(sap ecc system to generate proxies acts as sender system) and one inbound interface for receiver(sap ecc system to generate proxies_acts as receiver) and need active those in SAP PI ESR system.

Then go to sap ecc system, use sproxy transaction code.

then you can see the both sender service interface and receiver service interface. if it sender system then select sender service inteface( outbound interface in sap pi) to write a report. to send request to sap pi system.

if it is ( sap ecc) acts receiver, then select inbound service interface, to write a service.

1)select sender service interface and right click on that and generate proxies, (same procedure for receiver also, if it is receiver side), then you see the screen as shown in the below.

as shown in the above diagram you can use interview, to see the data types and use those in the report( act as abap client ). and call this method to send and recieve parameters.

ABAP program is

there is alredy exiting table(custom table) created for this scenario purpose. we can view that table contents and fields using se16 and se13 tcodes in sap ecc system.

Now we look into receiver side.

here we are using same SAP system as receiver side. then select the Inbound Service interface. and generate proxies( by right cliking) and see the proxy class and double click on it to write the code (provide service). we can use the internal view help to check the datatypes as shown in the below.

double click on the abap proxy class.

Abap code to provide service


SAP XI side( the above things will be done, after service interface created and activated in SAP ESR.

Now we will see Operation mapping, message mapping things.

Mapping sender and reciever( two mappings are there)

Now we will look into the configuration objects.

configuration object are as same,

select sender business system(webasAbap) and receiver side Business system(web as abap) , in this case both are same. sender side no need of communication channel required. coming to reciver side XI communication channel required. before createing this channel . test weather it is supports the sap abap proxies/ activated, some times we can say, this may be the first step to start.

http:// : / sap/xi/engine

finding the httpport of sap ecc system

go to sap ecc system, use this transaction code SMICM.

go to Go to Service( http related) where you can see the list of service of http.


also check, sap ecc system, ready to send /use xi proxies, for this

go to sxmb_adm

Select integration engine configuration,

remember these two and select specific configuraion button,